Nolan’s Knockout

dunkirk-SAvoiding lengthy exposition, writer/director Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” is a movie where actions speak louder than words. In putting the audience right into the situations that unfolded during Britain’s daring rescue of 330,000 soldiers from Dunkirk, France’s shoreline in World War II without a lot of dialogue to dull the sensation, Nolan’s film is very much a “director’s movie”- a visceral experience that puts you alongside the protagonists as the events play out. In feeling like you are there, Nolan slowly tightens the tension by placing you squarely into the thick of things as the battle’s inherent danger develops. Continue reading

Necessary Evil

Alien Cov - SWhile it’s not the summer scare-fest you anticipated, “Alien: Covenant” is a necessary step in the “Alien” franchise story arc. Structurally sound, it manages to continue the “Alien” origin story with a savvy mix of gothic horror and sci-fi that ultimately succumbs to its B-movie beginnings. Continue reading