Monthly Archives: February 2017

Mind Over Splatter

getout-SWhat Wes Craven’s “Scream” did for slasher movies, Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” does for the psychological thriller/horror movie genre. Putting a clever spin the conventional, Peele crafts clichés and camp into a thrill ride that’s enjoyable from start to finish. Continue reading

2016: The Ones

Best of 2016-SWith the Oscars being presented on Sunday, Feb. 26th, I like to focus on the films and performances that I found the most memorable. In keeping with the tradition of the late Siskel & Ebert’s “If we picked the Oscars,” here are my standouts for 2016 using the nominees in the main Academy Award categories. While others may try to second-guess Oscar politics with who ‘should win’ or ‘will win,’ I like to keep it simple. In case you missed any of them, these are the films and performances that I’ll remember most- simply put, these are the ones: Continue reading

Dancing with the Devil

wick 2-sFans of 2014’s breezy 100-minute bullet ballet that was “John Wick” can rest assured, the boldly-titled “John Wick: Chapter 2” lives up to solidifying its bid at a franchise: it’s consistent with what made the original film unique and doles out a plausible storyline for us to continue watching Wick wander through his gratuitously violent, implausibly compelling world (besides, “Wick 2’s” tagline is ‘Never stab the devil in the back’- how cool is that). Continue reading