Monthly Archives: August 2021


With an obvious love for the original film, writer/producer Jordan Peele’s (“Get Out”) “Candyman” is a credible continuation and makes the hook-handed boogeyman timely for the 21st century (which is exactly what you want a sequel/reboot to do). Do you have to see the original “Candyman” to enjoy the new one? No, but you’ll appreciate it more if you do.

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Writer/director Lisa Joy (HBO’s “Westworld” co-creator) uses her sci-fi savvy to fashion “Reminiscence,” a standard detective drama that’s overshadowed by its futuristic setting and sketchy logic. Add underdeveloped characters, clunky hard-boiled dialogue and technological leaps-of-faith and you’ve got a film too glossy to be the gritty gumshoe movie it wants to be.

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