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eye in the sky - S“Eye in the Sky” is an effective and efficient thriller: effective in balancing the actions of people involved in a covert military operation through the short span of a few hours; efficient in using its limited time to ratchet up the tension without wasting any of yours.

While concerned with time, “Eye’s” timely. Given our technological capabilities, we can now obliterate our enemies with drone aircraft hovering in the sky: just a trigger-pull and the drone can unleash Hellfire (the drone’s named missile in the movie) and voila, punk becomes powder. However, there are a lot of political and legal hoops to jump through before getting the clearance to kill. Morals factor into the decisions as well- just because you can, does that mean you should? “Eye” knows how to bring up these salient points without bogging down the drama with debate between “talking heads,” and that’s where the film’s at its most impressive. Continue reading