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The devil went down to Georgetown

There’s one movie I find myself watching every Halloween. For me, it’s a movie that strikes all the right chords in its blend of horror, creepiness, and scares. It features a smart, compelling story, actors I like who are given clever, humorous dialogue with obscure references to recite, film direction filled with creepy cutaways and insane imagery, and, in my mind, the granddaddy of all movie monsters. It’s one of the most overlooked and underrated horror movies ever made; a movie easily passed off as just another cheesy sequel- but it’s the real deal, a genuine continuation of arguably the scariest movie ever made. Written and directed by the man who created the original “Exorcist,” it’s William Peter Blatty’s 1990 film, “Exorcist III.”

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Laughing the Loudest

Comic book fans may feel like the joke is on them watching “Joker” but what the movie lacks in substance, it makes up for in style.

 As the origin story for Batman’s arch nemesis, “Joker” immediately takes you out of fantasy and into gritty reality with a character study of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix).

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