Monthly Archives: January 2018

Fly Like An Eagle

Rocky-Eagles-SThe underdog from Philly versus the reigning champ- it’s a sports scenario we’ve seen before. In the rare case of life imitating art, the Philadelphia Eagles are 4.5 point underdogs to reigning NFL champs New England Patriots going into Super Bowl LII and that makes 1976’s “Rocky” all the more relevant. Continue reading

Oh Henry!

Book of Henry-SI believe you can’t appreciate the good without experiencing the bad. As we await the announcement of the Academy Award nominees, I like to watch one of the worst films that 2017 had to offer to satisfy my own “checks and balances:” a little nugget titled “The Book of Henry” satisfied my search. Continue reading

The Ice Queen

I Tonya-SSeemingly cobbled together from the best elements of outrageously planned true-life crime films, “I, Tonya” makes the most its parts with a script that delves deeply into the character motivations at its core and uniformly sound acting that sells the scheme that toppled the rise of one of figure skating’s finest, Tonya Harding. Continue reading