Monthly Archives: September 2017

JLaw in the House

mother-SYou’ll be of one of two minds after viewing “Mother!” and see it either as a pretentious puzzle or a paranoid parable. While it’s a seemingly ‘love it or leave it’ proposition, director Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan,” “The Wrestler”) fills the film with such an unflinching and unconventionally original approach in laying out the clues to his dark mystery that it should sway you toward the latter opinion. Either way, watching Jennifer Lawrence strap herself in as the focal point in Aronofsky’s emotional roller coaster is worth the ride. Continue reading

Getting ‘It’ Right

It - SThanks to a smart screenplay that manages to capture the spirit of Stephen King’s 1986 novel and plays to the cinematic strengths of director Andy Muschietti, “It” is one of the best film adaptations of King’s work and easily one of the best horror movies to come around in a while. Continue reading