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Nolan’s Knockout

dunkirk-SAvoiding lengthy exposition, writer/director Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” is a movie where actions speak louder than words. In putting the audience right into the situations that unfolded during Britain’s daring rescue of 330,000 soldiers from Dunkirk, France’s shoreline in World War II without a lot of dialogue to dull the sensation, Nolan’s film is very much a “director’s movie”- a visceral experience that puts you alongside the protagonists as the events play out. In feeling like you are there, Nolan slowly tightens the tension by placing you squarely into the thick of things as the battle’s inherent danger develops. Continue reading

Say AH

The Big Sick - SIf summer blockbusters make you feel blah, look no further than “The Big Sick” to cure what ails you.

People tell writers to write what they know, and that’s exactly what Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani have done with a screenplay chronicling how they met, fell in love, and withstood unique and unusual obstacles to turn their romance into a marriage. How their romance rebounded is the story of “The Big Sick” and the movie is strengthened by its authenticity: Kumail Nunjiani stars as himself to show you just how everything happened. Continue reading

Mean Machine

Baby Driver-SWhen all of its pistons are firing, a good movie’s like a clean engine: “Baby Driver” has all of its pistons firing with a well-written caper story, a great cast with interesting characters to play, and a director who uses a finely-tuned style and sharply-edited action scenes to showcase his talent. By following the rules of an engaging crime drama, writer/director Edgar Wright smartly puts his own artistic spin on the familiar and makes “Baby Driver” a refreshing robbery saga set to an eclectic soundtrack that makes for a smooth ride. Continue reading