Monthly Archives: June 2021

The Seven Year Itch

This month marks our blog’s seven-year anniversary. Credit for this site goes to Bill who created it, came up with its cool look, and posts everything you see.

 In figuring out what kind of movie review site this should be, Bill wanted one question answered: “What’s the best movie I’m not watching?” (Bill’s directness and clarity is as piercing and succinct as his excellent impression of Terence Stamp’s General Zod in “Superman II”). Since 2014, I’ve brought attention to good movies by writing about them but there’s only been one movie I wish I’d written about and fits Bill’s query- underrated, overlooked and a completely satisfying film surprise. In appreciation for everything he does, I’ve decided to finally answer Bill’s question. To scratch that seven year itch, here’s the review that’s long overdue …from 2016, it’s “The Light Between Oceans”.

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