Monthly Archives: October 2020

The Imitation Game

Well-crafted yet clichéd, “Come Play” is a horror movie that begs you to play a scene-by-scene game: can you name each film it’s copying? While it’s a credit to director Jacob Chase that he doesn’t bore you employing inherent haunts, “Come Play” still comes across as a monster movie Mad Libs.

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Rebel with a Cause

Comedy doesn’t work without timing, and Sacha Baron Cohen picked the perfect time to reprise his role as fictional Kazakh TV journalist Borat. “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” (i.e. “Borat 2”) has Borat return for bigger laughs instigating unsuspecting Americans thanks to an equally adept comedic co-star in Maria Bakalova and a better foil for his folly- the Trump Presidency.

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